Wednesday, February 7

Trial Wednesday, February 7

Methadone clinic at 20 Market Street – it was communicated this location is where Kayla and Adam received treatment.

Allegedly when Adam Montgomery exited he found Harmony allegedly had an “accident” and began to hit her.

Burger King on Hooksett Road – Allegedly where the Montgomerys pulled into the parking lot after leaving the clinic.

West River Drive – an area containing a dumpster.

Elm and Webster Streets – Where Chrysler Sebring that the Montgomerys were in allegedly broke down.

Union and Orange Streets – Location where a large amount of evidence had been gathered during the investigation

Elm and Merrimack Streets – Adam Montgomery previously worked here and allegedly moved Harmony’s body to the freezer of the restaurant.

Thursday, February 8

Monday, February 12

Opening statements by the prosecution.

graphic details on what the prosecution intends to show Adam did to Harmony before her death and to her body after he killed her.

Prosecution’s presented timeline of events, including previous abuse of Harmony by Adam, Adam beating Harmony to death, carrying her body around, dismembering and disposing of her, and beating Kayla Montgomery to keep her quiet.

Prosecutions showed a CMC bag similar to the one that Harmony’s body was allegedly kept in after she died.

The defense Opening Statements

The Defense point that Kayla Montgomery has lied under oath previously and state that her version of events is still a lie, that Harmony died the night before the prosecution’s story alleges.

The Defense showed a piece of notepaper that Kayla wrote in jail that included statements of affection for Adam, which Brooks claims means she did not fear him as the prosecution stated.

Monday, February 12

Testimony Michelle Raftery, Harmony’s foster mom

Michelle testified that potty training Harmony was easy and she was fully potty trained

Testimony Crystal Sorey, Harmony’s biological mother

Crystal testifies about the last time she spoke with Harmony over a video call before Adam cut off all contact.

Testimony DD Travers, a nurse practitioner at CMC

DD testified that she took Harmony’s vitals during a visit on June 2, 2019

Testimony Kevin Montgomery, Adam Montgomery’s uncle

Kevin testified about a black eye he noticed on Harmony and that when he asked Adam about it, Adam responded, “I bashed her around the house.”

Kevin also testified that reported the abuse to DCYF to get help for Harmony

Testimony Katie Morin, a former friend and romantic partner of Adam

Katie testifies that Adam told her Kayla would “do anything for him”

She also testifies about Adam saying that he “backhanded” Harmony causing the same black eye Kevin testified to, and that Adam stated that was the worst thing he’s ever done.

Nicholas Ahern, a former associate of Adam

Nicholas testified about seeing a black eye on Harmony the one time her met her

Paul Montray, Sheriff’s Deputy in Hillsborough County

Paul testified about evicting the Montgomerys from their Gilford Street apartment in 2019

Demetrios Tsaros, former DCYF worker

Friday, February 9

Monday, February 12

Kayla Montgomery takes the stand. Her testimony included:

Addressing her lie to the grand jury, stating that she was working at Dunkin Donuts while Adam brought Harmony to live with her mom. She stated that she lied because Adam told her to and that she is now serving time for perjury as part of her plea deal.

Harmony’s black eye that Kevin Montgomery previously testified about.

Harmony’s potty training regression after their eviction and how Adam would smack Harmony when accidents happened.

How Adam would cover Harmony with blankets so no one, including cops after a car accident that they were involved in, could not see her bruises and black eyes

Adam discovering another bathroom accident after leaving the methadone clinic, beating Harmony, and continuing to beat her to death while driving to Burger King.

Kayla recalls putting her arm up to attempt to stop Adam, but he gave her a look that scared her. Kayla said she had never seen that look in his eyes before.

Friday, February 9

Harmony made moaning noises that she had never heard before and eventually went silent. At Burger King, they ate in the car and Kayla fed the two other children but Harmony was under the blanket. Kayla was scared to look at Harmony.

Leaving the Colonial Village Apartments and their car dying. Adam is unable to wake Harmony up to get them out of the car and no one called 911.

Adam put Harmony’s body in a duffle bag and placed it in a snowbank when they returned back to Colonial Village to sleep in a friend’s car. Harmony’s body was moved to the trunk of the car.

Going to Kayla’s aunt’s house, where the duffel with Harmony’s body was placed on the porch.

Moving to Kayla’s mom’s house where Harmony’s body was still in the duffle and placed by the trash until Adam moved it to a cooler in the hallway where it stayed for 2 weeks.

Moving to Families In Transition (FIT), where Adam put Harmony’s body in the ceiling by climbing on the bunk bed to access a vent.

Adam moved the body when maintenance came to investigate the smell.

Adam told Kayla about the blood and fluid that was in the ceiling and moved Harmony’s body to a trash bag and then a diaper bag.

Adam discussed getting rid of Harmony’s body, including using lime to speed the decay, and using a hand saw and a blender called a Nutribullet to dismember her body.

Adam put Harmony’s body in a CMC tote bag and had Kayla bring it to him, using a stroller, at his job at Portland Pie Company, where he put the bag in a freezer.

Moving to an apartment on Union Street where Adam hid Harmony’s body in their fridge, and attempted to defrost her in their bathroom using hot water and lime.

Kayla saw Harmony’s body and described it as skin barely clinging to bones. She recalls having to leave the room because she could not handle it.

How Adam eventually rented a hotel room and a U-Haul through a friend, and they stayed in the hotel room with the friend for a night. That night, Adam left to dispose of Harmony’s body and Kayla does not know where.

How Adam began and continued to abuse Kayla when he thought she was talking to the police.

Adam destroyed objects in their home, thinking there were cameras and microphones

Adam continually beat Kayla and threatened to have her killed.

Adam ripped a phone out of her hand when she tried to call for help.

Identifying a picture of herself with black eyes, taken the day that she finally was able to take the kids and leave Adam on March 17, 2021. She also stated that they were still legally married, having gotten married on Harmony’s third birthday – June 7, 2017.

After lunch, Kayla is back on the stand, and cross-examination by the defense began.

The defense questions Kayla about the note that was found in her cell about wanting one more time with Adam before she “betrays” him.

Most of the defense’s cross focuses on the lies Kayla told before she cooperated with law enforcement, in particular, her lies before the Grand Jury, two of which she is currently serving time for perjury.

Monday, February 12

Monday, February 12

Kayla takes the stand, with the defense continuing cross-examination, which focuses on:

When Harmony was seen by anyone other than Adam and Kayla, such as out in public and not wearing a blanket to hide her bruising.

Harmony did not have a black eye when they visited Kayla’s mom’s house.

Kayla denies that Harmony was out of the car often, but often does not remember specifics when asked, such as when the defense questioned her about a time that she allegedly lost her phone while at the mall to entertain the kids – Kayla states she does not remember that event.

Harmony’s bathroom accidents, how smelly or dirty their car was while they were living in it, and if Harmony would be cleaned up.

Kayla states that they would use gas station restrooms, and sometimes Anthony Bodero’s apartment.

Monday, February 12

When Harmony soiled herself, Kayla would change her clothes, but not clean the soiled ones.

The defense points out that they must have had limited outfits for Harmony to change into, but Kayla says she does not remember how many.

Kayla and Adam’s drug use and how they got their drugs.

Anthony Bodero would supply them. Kayla admits that sometimes Antony Bodero would give them to her for free, which is why Adam would sometimes send her to get them.

Kayla’s theft from Dunkin’ which led to her termination.

Kayla admits that when she was caught, in exchange for not filing charges, Dunkin’ requested that Kayla write a note accepting responsibility for the theft.

The defense makes a point of noting that Kayla was “forced” to accept responsibility instead of offering to accept responsibility.

The morning of Harmony’s death

Kayla states that in the early morning hours on the day she claims Harmony died, Adam punched Harmony in the head 10 to 15 times after another bathroom accident. This was before the incident that killed Harmony.

Kayla tried telling him to stop but he “just lost it” and had his “crazy eyes.” Because of that, she did not immediately clean the car or clean Harmony and stayed awake all night until 7 am when the methadone clinic opened.

Kayla’s recount of Harmony’s death.

Kayla testifies that Adam struck Harmony in the head outside of the clinic when he returned to the car that morning and that there were three separate assaults on their way to Burger King that day. Kayla states that Seamus did not cry during these incidents despite Harmony and Dechclan’s cries and that Adam said he “thinks I really hurt her” after the final assault but that he still proceeded to order food through the Burger King drive-thru as though nothing happened

The defense attorney says, “Kayla, that assault never happened did it?” Kayla replies, “Yes it did.” When Kayla states that she did not attempt to stop Adam because he had a “look of pure evil” on his face, the defense says, “A person of pure evil is not someone you love,” and Kayla says “That’s hard to say.”

Kayla says she “felt like [she] had no say” in terms of doing anything to help Harmony.

The period after Harmony’s death, including the dismemberment of Harmony and Adam’s actions.

As in direct, Kayla states she did not buy the lime or help apply it to Harmony’s body and that she did not put Harmony in the bag.

Kayla admits she used scissors to remove Harmony’s hoodie and helped to close the bag.

When asked about Adam wanting to commit suicide after dismembering Harmony’s body, Kayla says she told him he needed to live for the sake of their kids.

Kayla’s future

Kayla has a parole hearing in May where she could be released.

The state then asks Kayla questions on redirect, where Kayla clarifies and explains some of the things that were brought up during cross:

When Adam was “losing it,” she meant he was “abusive in all ways – physical, emotional, mentally.”

When Adam started going crazy, she did think he was “pure evil.”

There were good times during that period, but it was mostly bad.

Kayla still cares about Adam because “He’s the father of our children and my best friend. It’s hard to let go.”

She felt like she was betraying Adam because “I didn’t want him to be mad at me for doing the right thing.”

Kayla states everyone would eat baby food sometimes since one of the payments Bodero accepted for drugs was food stamps.

Kayla did not receive immunity for testifying against Adam

Kayla is currently living in prison with no right to see or communicate with her children.

When shown the picture of her bruised face and asked why she would stay with someone like that, Kayla said “Because I was scared.”

During re-cross examination by the defense, the main focus is reiterating Kayla’s lies and changing stories during the early part of the investigation.

Additionally, Kayla states she knows Adam is conceding the falsifying evidence and abuse of corpse charges because her attorney told her.