LISK Victim

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor, 20, who had worked as a working as an escort in Washington and briefly in New York before disappearing in July 2003.

Remains belonging to Jessica Taylor, were found in a wooded area in Manorville on July 26, 2003.

Her additional remains (initially labeled “Jane Doe No. 5”) was discovered by a woman walking her dog off Halsey Manor Road in Manorville, about 45 miles east of the Gilgo Beach area, where her other remains were found on March 29, 2011

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Ruth was born June 17, 1983. A 20-year-old from New York City, Taylor was working as an escort at the time of her disappearance in July 2003.

Jessica Taylor had left home as a teenager, eventually moving to Brooklyn. She spent about three years under the control of a pimp, Khalil White aka “Remy” occasionally traveling up and down the East coast.

What happened to Jessica Taylor?

A 20-year-old from New York City, Taylor was working as an escort at the time of her disappearance in July 2003.

Her dismembered remains were later found on two separate occasions in 2003 and March 2011. Per the indictment, a person walking their dog made the discovery of her head and arms in 2003, while the remaining body parts were uncovered in March 2011.

A hair found on Taylor’s remains were tested and matched to Heuermann with 99.96-percent certainty, authorities alleged in the indictment.

July 26, 2003, her body was discovered in Manorville, New York, at the end of an access road off of Halsey Manor Road, just north of the Long Island Expressway.

She had been dismembered and only her torso was found on a sheet of plastic.

The medical examiner estimated she had died two or three days prior. She was not identified at this time.

March 29, 2011 More of Jessica Taylor’s remains are found. Her skull and forearm were matched with her prior remains.

She was the second victim of an unknown killer to be found brutally dismembered and tied up. Valerie Mack, a sex worker from New Jersey and Philadelphia, was similarly found dead in 2000. “Their leg area was bound in a ball,” per former investigator.

Jessica Taylor Timeline

– Jessica Taylor was born on July 14, 1985

– Jessica Taylor is from Poughkeepsie, New York,

– Jessica Taylor had left home as a teenager, eventually moving to Brooklyn.

– Jessica met Khalil White (Remy) and quickly fell in love.

– He was her pimp, who she worked under with another young woman.

– They lived in Brooklyn, NY.

– From 2002-2003, she faced various arrests throughout NYC, NJ, Washington D.C., and North Carolina.

– On Feb. 4, 2003, Taylor solicited an undercover officer for $50 to perform a sex act in Long Island City

– When she was being booked, Taylor assaulted a police aide, punching her in the face, police said. She pleaded guilty to prostitution and assault charges.

– Also that month, she pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property after she was accused of driving a stolen 1995 Chevy Cavalier in the East New York section of Brooklyn

– Taylor was sent to Rikers on Feb. 25, 2003.

– April 28, 2003, She was released. Jessica moved to Washington D.C but quickly came back to NY

– She traveled to North Carolina with Khalil and Chrystal, the young woman she worked with, and then they traveled to Cheverly, Maryland, where they stayed while working in Washington, D.C.

– 2003: May 2003 Jessica worked in a strip club called Sweet Cherry in Sunset Park, Brooklyn 42nd St and 2nd Ave

– 2003: She possibly stayed at an organization known as the Paul and Lisa Program

– 2003: July 14, 2003, Jessica turned 20 years old

– 2003: On July 15, 2003, at 1:00am, Jess decided to run. She took her dog, Cuts, and told Khalil she was going to get milk at a nearby 7-11 and would return. Her friend, Chrystal, the young woman she worked with, reports that Khalil and Jessica fought the night before.

– At 1:30 p.m., Khalil and the friend made a missing person report for Jess with Cheverly PD. When Jessica ran, she didn’t make it far before her car broke down at a gas station. She was panicked, scared that Khalil would go looking for her and find her.

– A car of 3 people her age pulled into the gas station and noticed she needed help. They offered to bring her and her dog back to Brooklyn, where 2 of them lived. She gladly took the offer and hopped in, doing whatever she could to put distance between her and the life she was trying to escape.

– When they arrived, she asked the person driving to drop her off around 45th and 9th Street in Midtown Manhattan. She was known to work in that general area. She preferred to walk even though the Internet was starting to emerge as a form of advertisement at that time.

– She ended up spending her first night back in New York at the apartment of one of the people who picked her up and would then spend the next week with another one of the people who had picked her up, a woman her age who lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

– The people she stayed with that week of July 2003 reported that she dyed and cut her hair, changed her phone, and was trying to make money to get herself home. They said she had a bible she was carrying with her and that she spoke of wanting to change her life.

– After a week back in Brooklyn, Jess went to work one day and didn’t return, leaving her dog, Cuts, behind at the new friend’s apartment. It’s unclear what exactly happened to Cuts after Jessica returned.

– Khalil White claims he got the dog from a pound, while others report a police officer adopted the dog, and others claim the dog was taken by animal control.

– Jessica walked out wearing red-heeled sandals, with possible red hair, a cell phone, and a purse with her bible in it. –

– July 18 and 23, 2003: Jessica was reportedly seen a few days later, between July 18 and 23, 2003, at the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan, according to the detective who investigated her case. – She was last seen at Port Authority at 8th and 42nd St, an area she was known to work around.

– 2003: July 22-July 26, 2003 A call was made on Jessica’s phone to the person who drove her back to New York, who happened to live on Long Island, a town close to Manorville. The call was possibly Jess seeking help from her new friend or possibly somebody else deciding to use her cell phone to make a call.

– On July 26th, 2003 Jessica’s torso was found in the open in Manorville, off of Halsey Manor Rd.

– The ME estimated that she had been deceased for 2-3 days.

– Jessica’s dismembered body was found on top of a plastic sheet, possibly a shower curtain liner, on top of a pile of sticks;

– Her killer had slashed up a tattoo on her lower back, a heart with wings that read “Remy’s Angel.”

– A tattoo on her right hip had been mutilated with a sharp instrument.

– The tattoo was a red heart with an angel wing that said “Remy’s angel” in reference to her pimp. Detectives released photos of the tattoo in an attempt to identify her.

– February 2004 Taylor might have remained anonymous had it not been for a Washington police officer. Poring over police bulletins of unidentified remains, he realized that a tattoo of wings and the words “Remy’s Angel” on her back fit the description of Taylor. He contacted Suffolk police.

– Suffolk County police obtained DNA samples from her family to compare, and a positive match was made. A private memorial service was held by her family in Poughkeepsie shortly afterward.

– 2011: On March 29, 2011, Jessica’s skull, hands, and forearm were found on Ocean Parkway, along with 10 other victims. That time led to their names being known, a revelation that there may actually be a serial killer involved.

– May 9, 2011, DNA matched a skull, a pair of hands, and a forearm found at Gilgo Beach were matched to Jessica Taylor.