Harmony Montgomery

Missing Since: November, 2019 Manchester, NH

Age Now: 9 Years Old


Harmony was independent as a toddler and very young child. She liked books, playing with dolls, and playing with her peers. She is described as both “charming” and “very active.” Harmony had very well-developed language skills and was known to be very empathetic. Also, as a toddler she loved to eat! She loved all types of foods including fruits, vegetables, and even onions.

As a young child she had the opportunity to play in a vegetable garden and would pick the cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

Harmony Renee Montgomery went missing from Manchester, New Hampshire in 2019. She was not reported missing until 2021, nearly two years after she was last seen alive.

Harmony Montgomery had been missing for two years before anyone realized she was gone.

Who failed Harmony Montgomery?

Harmony was last seen in the fall of 2019 in Manchester, New Hampshire, but for two whole years, nobody reported her missing.

Harmony Renee Montgomery was born on June 7, 2014, to Adam Montgomery and Crystal Sorey. In an interview, Crystal Sorey revealed that they were homeless when Harmony was born. This was due to Adam’s disrespectful behavior towards his grandmother using drugs in her bathroom. ( source Twitter Spaces)

It was not entirely clear to the medical providers at Harmony’s birth what medical conditions she had. The medical experts believed that Harmony would either be severely disabled or never be able to see.

However, Harmony proved them wrong. Despite being blind in one eye, she grew stronger with each passing week. As she grew into a toddler, it became evident that although she had some visual impairments, she had developed superior coping mechanisms and a talent for overcoming obstacles.

At the time of Harmony’s disappearance, she lived with her father, stepmother, and the couple’s two children. Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, had lost custody of her daughter due to substance abuse problems. Read More Here

December 2021 is When authorities finally began searching for the missing child, they were two years behind the search.

Six months into the missing person’s investigation, the little girl’s father and step mother was later charged with second-degree murder, tampering with witnesses, falsifying evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

Harmony Montgomery


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Notice of Indictemnt

Probate hearing regarding Harmony Montgomery; mother seeks legal death declaration for Harmony Montgomery.