Harmony Montgomery

Life in foster care

June 7, 2014 – Harmony Montgomery was born to parents Crystal Sorey & Adam Montgomery. – just three months after Adam was jailed for 18 months… Harmony was diagnosed at birth with a visual disability and is blind in her right eye.

August 2014, At two months old, Harmony was removed from the care and custody of Crystal Sorey and placed in foster care by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

January 2015, Harmony was six months old she met Adam Montgomery for the first time, in prison, supervised by the DCF case management team. Shortly after that Visit Harmony was returned to the care of Crystal Sorey but remained in the legal custody of DCF.

April 2015 Harmony was removed by the DCF Haverhill Area Office from Crystal Sorey’s care due to Ms. Sorey’s substance use.

Harmony was placed back in her previous foster home for the second time. Harmony was 10 months old. 

July 2015, one year old Harmony visited with Adam Montgomery in prison for the second time.

September 2016, Adam Montgomery initiated telephone contact with the DCF case management team.

October 2016, Mr. Montgomery met with the DCF case management team.

October 2016, Harmony had her third supervised visit with Mr. Montgomery. She was two years old.

January 2017, the family’s case was transferred from the DCF Haverhill Area Office to the Jackson Square Area Office (Boston) because Crystal Sorey relocated. Adam Montgomery continued to reside in New Hampshire.

March 2017, after approximately two years in foster care, the DCF case management team returned Harmony to the care of Crystal Sorey

 April 2017, Sorey was warned by DCF she cant do that after she informed the DCF case management team that Adam Montgomery contacted her, and she permitted him to speak with Harmony on the telephone.

May 2017, Sorey informed the DCF case management team of her ongoing communication with Montgomery.

July 2017 Montgomery reported having weekend overnight visits with Harmony for the past four weeks, picking her up from Sorey on Fridays and returning her on Sundays. Crystal Sorey broke the rules again.

September and early October 2017, two reports of neglect were filed with the DCF Jackson Square Area Office alleging neglect of Harmony by both Crystal Sorey and Adam Montgomery. The concerns were related to the unsupervised visits Mr. Montgomery had with Harmony while she was in Crystal Sorey’s care.

January 2018, Harmony, now three and a half years old, was removed for the third time from the care of Ms. Sorey due to Sorey’s substance use.

April 2018 Sorey sought a Review and Redetermination hearing seeking to have Harmony placed in her care. Sorey’s Review and Redetermination hearing was scheduled for February 2019. 

October 2018 Adam Montgomery sought a Review and Re-determination hearing seeking to have Harmony placed in his care. His Review and Re-determination hearing was also scheduled for the same date as Sorey’s hearing in February 2019. 

February 2019 Mr. Montgomery’s Review and Re-determination hearing took place in Juvenile Court.

Crystal Sorey’s Review and Re-determination hearing did not take place that day because she was not present in court.

-Sorey was not present for the hearing regarding Harmony because of a scheduling conflict.

-Sorey was in a different court on a Care and Protection case involving Harmony’s half­sibling. Montgomery’s court hearing proceeded without her. 

The Judge then awarded Mr. Montgomery, who was living in New Hampshire, full custody of Harmony and determined that the ICPC did not apply.
Harmony Montgomery

Life with Adam Montgomery

April 21, 2019 – Crystal Sorey sees Harmony for the last time via Facetime around Easter. She says that Adam was visible in the background of the video call. Crystal recalls that Harmony seemed frightened.

June 5, 2019 Crystal begin dating JE

June 2019, Adam visited his aunt with Harmony (and Kayla and kids) in the summer of 2019 – June – Adam and Harmony (along with Kayla and their kids) visited and stayed at Kendra’s home summer of 2019. A

July 2019 Allegedly Adam admitted to Kevin Montgomery that he inflicted a black eye on his daughter Harmony in July 2019. Kevin Montgomery is Adams’s Uncle, Michael Montgomery Sr is the Adams father, and Michael Montgomery brother..

uly 7, 2019, Kayla called the police on a friend who wouldn’t leave the house. They had a friend over, and now he won’t leave and is high. His Name Alex Call 

July 10, 2019 Police was called to the house on domestic violence (see below)

August 5, 2019 – Police are called for a welfare check to 77 Gilford St. home. Neighbor is concerned about the young child living at this address; she thinks the parents are squatting there and have no electricity”

August 16, 2019 – The Millers meet Crystal and offer to adopt Harmony if the opportunity or need arises.

August 22, 2019 – Gilford St House sold at a public foreclosure auction. Adam, Kayla, Harmony, plus three other kids remain squatting in the home. Adam’s brother (Michael Montgomery) claimed that the only electricity was from a generator, and there was no central heat. Their family in Florida has contacted the police and DCYF for wellness checks.

September 2019 The property Adam was living in went into foreclosure. The house was owned by Helen Montgomery, 78, and Christina Digirolamo from 2016 until it was sold on auction in 2019.

September 11, 2019: Domestic Incident Kevin and Adam 09/11/2019 12:42 pm

September 23, 2019: Friend of Kayla & Adam posts picture with harmony in September 2019 Tabby Scott, posts separate selfies with Harmony, Kayla, and Adam with the caption “No matter what I love you guys to death”. Friend’s of the family say that Tabby is sort of a step-sibling to Adam. Her father dated Adam’s mother for some time and they lived with each other as kids and have remained close ever since.

October 2019 – Kevin Montgomery (Uncle Kevin) calls the Police to obtain an escort for him and his mother to go into the 77 Gilford St. home to pick up some of her things and check on the children. He felt like they needed a police escort because he didn’t want any confrontation. Kevin says he saw Harmony briefly, and she looked “timid”

October 2019 – Police physically see harmony during a “Call for Service” at a Manchester home. This is what LE is going off of for the last confirmed known whereabouts

Thanksgiving 2019 – Christina Lubin (Kayla Montgomery’s mother) claims that she saw Harmony last Thanksgiving. This was the only time Christina saw Harmony; she said she “looked clean, didn’t have any bruises, was extremely polite, very cute, it was very brief.” She also noted that Kayla said that she went off to live with her biological mom.